Yuzuru Hanyu.
羽 生 結 弦

"He gave his life for skating the same way Romeo gave his life for Juliet."

Fantasy on ice 2014 in toyama


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(to anyone wondering what video this is from, it’s the next-next video to be translated so wait a bit :P)

Parisienne Walkways || 2012-2013/2013-2014 SP || arrangement for piano

パリの散歩道 (ピアノソロ) by kaochintube


"Yuzu was a bit of a puppy," said Tracy Wilson, the Olympic ice dance bronze medalist who helps coach Hanyu. " (!)

Yes, He looks like a puppy>.<

Yuzuru Hanyu || Cutting Edge 2013



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Yuzuru Hanyu Japanese National Championships 2008


World Figure Skating Championships 2012 || free skate

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Yuzuru Hanyu || fanart 



Skate America 2012